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uncharted 4 schauspieler

Mai Uncharted: Spider-Man-Darsteller Tom Holland spielt Nathan Drake im Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (Action) von Sony - Bildquelle: Sony. Mai Uncharted: Spider-Man-Darsteller Tom Holland spielt Nathan Drake im Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (Action) von Sony - Bildquelle: Sony. Mai Uncharted 4 schließt die Saga um den Serienhelden Nathan Drake ab . . wieder von dem amerikanischen Schauspieler Nolan North synchronisiert.

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EINEN KLICK ENTFERNT Das Spielprinzip basiert dabei sky live wimbledon auf dem Billionär casino cheat Uncharted: Vor dem modernisierten Gefängnis befindet sich ein Turm eines älteren Gefängnisses, in dem früher Piraten hingerichtet wurden. Die Pistolen hat er an den Nagel gehängt. Angeblich soll er eine härtere Kindheit als Nathan durchlebt haben. Ich bin gegangen, ich habe gekündigt! A Thief's End geht es nicht nur einfach um einen Piratenschatz. Nathans Abenteuerabstinenz sollte ihrer Ehe Stabilität und Sicherheit geben. Das liegt sowohl an den hervorragend geschriebenen Dialogen als auch an der immensen Arbeit, die offensichtlich in die Ausarbeitung der einzelnen Charaktere geflossen ist. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Im ersten Uncharted lernten wir Elena Fisher als Journalistin kennen.
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Among Thieves , and a major supporting character in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and Uncharted 4: As of Uncharted 4: Elena is voiced and motion captured by Emily Rose.

Elena is a bright and self-reliant investigator of historical mysteries. Elena appears very briefly in Eye of Indra.

She is in the final episode of the motion comic where Nathan and Sully are watching her show on TV at a beach resort, following Nate's ordeal with Pinkerton.

Nate explains to Sully how he is meeting with Elena to discuss cost arrangements for his expedition to find Sir Francis Drake's coffin.

Elena is filming the discovery of Sir Francis Drake's coffin with Nathan when their boat is attacked by a band of pirates led by Eddy Raja , who had been tracking Nate.

Fending them off, they are soon rescued by Sully in his seaplane and the three escape the area. Elena contacts her executives and asks for a camera crew so that they could continue to film.

Sully believes that having Elena come with him and Nathan broadcasting their mission to discover El Dorado would jeopardize their goal, Nathan reluctantly agreed, so they abandoned her while she's still on the phone.

Elena managed to follow them, eventually running into Nathan on the run from and Atoq Navarro 's mercenaries.

She helps him escape to a jeep and they soon fly to the island where El Dorado is held. They eventually reach the island, however, their plane is damaged by anti-aircraft fire, forcing them to parachute in.

They are subsequently separated after landing. Upon crashing and fighting through pirates , Nate discovers Elena's parachute.

But once he finds her, a group of pirates capture and imprison him inside the fortress. Elena breaks him out in time and the two flee from Eddy's pirates in a jeep.

They travel through the flooded city on the island until they reach a monastery, and after battling with Navarro's mercenaries, they finally reunite with Sullivan.

Following a trap, Nate and Elena are separated from Sullivan and enter the treasure vault, where they again face Eddy and his pirates as well as the infected Descendants.

They escape but find themselves trapped in a strange Nazi bunker. Nate travels to the other side alone in search for the power to the elevator but Roman and Navarro capture Elena while he's gone.

Nate escapes the bunker and helps Sully fend off more of Navarro's soldiers and enter the hidden cave where El Dorado is found.

As the cave fills with Descendants, Navarro takes Elena onto a helicopter while Nate jumps onto the attached statue as it is airlifted from its tomb.

A mercenary attempts to shoot him off, but Elena acts quickly, kicking the man out of the helicopter, causing him to shoot his gun at the pilot.

The helicopter crashes aboard Navarro's tanker knocking Elena unconscious. Defeating Navarro, Nate pulls Elena from the wreck, though as Navarro regains consciousness and attempts to kill them both once more, Nate pushes the helicopter off the edge of the boat causing a rope to tangle around Navarro's leg, dragging him to the bottom of the sea under the weight of both the helicopter and El Dorado.

With the threat of El Dorado resolved, Nate and Elena lean in to kiss, but are interrupted by Sully who managed to get a boat and some treasure from a group of now-dead pirates.

As they sail off into the sunset, Elena warns Nate that he still owes her a story, after her camera was destroyed earlier.

Nate assures her that he's "good for it. Her search has brought her and her cameraman Jeff Wynis to the war-torn streets of a city in Nepal.

Nate insists on bringing Elena and Jeff with them despite Chloe's protests. The four of them head to a temple that will reveal the location of Shambala.

At the temple, Nate orders Elena and Jeff to wait at the entrance while he and Chloe explore the temple. Nate and Chloe return and save Elena and Jeff from the soldiers, though Jeff is hit.

Flynn searches Nate and retrieves the map revealing where Shambala is. Elena, however, punches Flynn in the nose, allowing her and Nate to escape.

Once they reach safety, Nate decides to go and rescue Chloe, and Elena agrees to help. The two of them head to a train depot and scout the peremiter.

Nate's plan suggests she steal a nearby jeep to use as a getaway car while he sneaks onto the train to grab Chloe. Elena arrives with the jeep and saves Nate, before chasing after the train.

Elena brings the jeep side-by-side with the speeding train while Nate hops aboard at the last second. He looks back to see Elena stop the jeep for she can not continue on.

With Nate and the train gone, Elena follows the tracks, which eventually leads her to the wreckage that Nate had caused. She makes her way to the village where she finds Nate passed out after being shot by Flynn.

Over the next few days, Nate remains unconscious, and Elena befriends the village residents Karl Schafer , Tenzin , and his daughter, Pema.

Nate and Elena are overjoyed to see each other again, and embrace. Elena brings Nate to meet Schafer, who, like Nate, once went on an expedition to find the Cintamani Stone and was also brought to the village near-death.

Schafer explains that the Stone isn't merely a gemstone, but it grants its owner immeasurable power. Schafer offers Nate more evidence, so he sends him and Tenzin into the mountains to find the remains of his expedition.

As Nate prepares to leave, Elena kisses him on the cheek, telling him to come back safely. Elena manages to gather the children into a secluded area, but by the time Nate and Tenzin return, she is shaken and upset, blaming herself and Nate for bringing such trouble to the innocent villagers.

She informs Tenzin that Pema and Schafer are in the middle of the warzone. However, the two are eventually gunned down and thrown over a cliff.

Nate and Elena begin to quietly make their way to the monastery to rescue him. Nate and Elena find Schafer almost dead from being beaten.

Elena decides it would be better for the two of them to split up to find the entrance. Elena finds it, and Nate manages to recover the dagger from Chloe.

As the city falls to ruin, the three make it out just in time, though Elena has lost consiousness. Returning to the village, Elena recovers from her injuries in the care of Sullivan.

Chloe asks if Nate loves Elena, which he doesn't deny, and Chloe urges him to tell her. While Sullivan follows Chloe, Nate and Elena finally kiss as they wonder what will happen next following their adventure.

Following Among Thieves , Nate and Elena marry in unknown circumstances. However, Nate's phobia of commitment and lust for adventure places great strain on the marriage, and the two separate, becoming estranged.

Elena keeps her wedding ring, and Victor Sullivan looks after Nate's without his knowledge. Yemen A few years later, Elena Fisher has become an international news correspondent, and has been stationed in Yemen for some time.

Since the two needed to get into Yemen quietly and without opposition, Sullivan calls Elena to ask for her help, as Nate was reluctant to speak to her.

When they arrive, Elena gives them permits. Elena takes Nate and Sully on a walking tour through Yemen, with the Old Quarter as their final stop.

In order to dodge the city's guards, the trio climb up to the rooftops. From there, Sully spots Talbot walking through the town.

Nate pursues him, and is eventually cornered by Katherine Marlowe 's guards, but evades capture and enters a courtyard.

Coincidentally, the courtyard contains a well with the coordinates to Iram. While in the catacombs, the three discover a hidden chamber with messages written on the walls, warning about the dangers of Iram and the desert.

Nate deduces that these messages were written by Sir Francis Drake, as they're in English. Elena is concerned as to why Sir Francis Drake, despite knowing how to find Iram, chose to drop the search and sail home, hiding all evidence.

She wishes for Nate to forget about Iram and Marlowe, urging he has beaten her, though Nate is unrelenting. Elena and Nate after he escapes from the Cruise ship.

Nate escapes his captors, and returns to Elena who is overjoyed to see him, believing him to be dead. She updates him on Sullivan's situation, and the two of them plan to rescue him at dawn; their best chance to infiltrate the airstrip where Marlowe's convoy supplies are being loaded.

Having already collected a large amount of treasure, Nadine refuses to risk more of Avery's traps, but Rafe coerces her. Aboard the ship, Sam triggers a trap, setting it on fire and trapping him beneath debris.

Nate confronts Rafe and Nadine in the ship hold, where the skeletons of Avery and Tew lie; they killed each other over the treasure.

Nadine betrays Rafe and leaves him with Nate and Sam to die. Rafe challenges Nate to a sword fight, wanting to prove himself better than the man who built a legend as an adventurer.

Nate drops a bundle of treasure on Rafe, killing him, and frees Sam. The pair return to Sully's plane and the group escapes. Sam and Sully team up for a new job while Nate and Elena return home.

Elena explains that Sam recovered gold and gave it to her. Realizing that they both need some adventure in their lives, she has bought the salvage company, installing Nate as owner, and plans to revive her old exploration show and cover Nate's next salvaging mission in Malaysia.

Years later, Nate and Elena have become successful salvagers. After their teenage daughter Cassie Kaitlyn Dever discovers relics from their adventures, Nate decides to tell her their story.

The trailer featured voiceover by Todd Stashwick , who was to play Sam, Nathan Drake 's older brother. Drake's Deception and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and a release.

Troy Baker confirmed that he had voiced Drake's older brother Sam, who appeared in the demo. On June 16, , a new demo was showcased at the end of Sony's E3 press conference.

The demo featured a much larger environment, large amounts of destruction, new combat, and the return of Nathan's mentor, Victor Sullivan. An extended trailer at an E3 press briefing revealed the return of Nathan's wife Elena Fisher.

On March 18, , Naughty Dog announced that Uncharted 4 had gone gold. The game's original score was written by Henry Jackman , with additional music by Alex Belcher, replacing former series composer Greg Edmonson.

Uncharted 4 was originally set to be released in On March 11, , Naughty Dog confirmed that the game was delayed to March 18, to allow for additional development time.

The Nathan Drake Collection , which is a remastered collection of the first three games in the series, was announced for the PlayStation 4.

Players who purchased the collection gained access to Uncharted 4 ' s multiplayer beta which started on December 4, and ended on December 13, The collection released on October 9, in North America.

Naughty Dog added that they decided to develop this add-on for Uncharted 4 because it worked well in their previous game, The Last of Us.

A Thief's End , was released in the first quarter of A preview of the game was attached to the theatrical premiere of Star Wars: On March 1, , Sony announced that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End would be delayed once again, to allow a simultaneous worldwide release on May 10, A Thief's End received "universal acclaim" according to review aggregator Metacritic with a score of 93 out of from critics, [57] making it the highest-scoring video game of across all game platforms.

Steven Hansen of Destructoid scored the game a 9. A thief couldn't ask for a better end. A Thief's End is a true work of art, and the only time the slightest apprehension may surface is when one compares it to the titanic installments that came before.

In its writing, in its design, in its understanding of what makes games unique, Uncharted 4 is something to aspire to. It's a shining example.

And we'll be talking about it for years to come. However, Hurley disliked Sam for feeling like an unnecessary character, and the first portion of the game for not being as well paced as the later portion.

She closed her review by stating: Though it's let down by a lack of imagination and some self-indulgence, especially in a third act that drags on far too long, Uncharted 4 carries on the series' proud tradition of peerless polish and style, with a great multiplayer component to boot.

Most importantly, it's a gentle sendoff to the rag-tag group of characters we've known for nine years. A worthy thief's end, indeed. Keith Stuart of The Guardian scored the game 5 stars, saying that Uncharted 4 is in the category of video games that "everyone should experience".

He went on to say the efforts of Nathan Drake's return for one last treasure hunt resulted in "a beautiful and exciting gaming experience that transcends its flaws.

While Uncharted 4 ' s more diverse combat options received praise, [58] [63] reviewers were divided as to whether protracted gunfights and "bullet sponge" enemies, two of the series' more divisive elements, had been sufficiently trimmed down.

Uncharted 4 received praise from other studios and figureheads in the gaming industry. Prior to launch, Phil Spencer , president of Microsoft 's Xbox division, tweeted that "it will be a great game".

In the UK, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End was also the top selling game in the week of May 9 to 15, selling , copies, thereby making it the best first week debut for an Uncharted game in the region.

A Thief's End has sold over 8. A standalone expansion pack called Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was released in The revelation that white voice actress Laura Bailey was voicing new character and villain Nadine Ross, who is of Black South African descent, led to some backlash.

Bailey was chosen from the audition of casting calls from a pool of actors of black, white, American, and South African heritage, believed by Druckmann to be the best candidate for the role.

On February 24, , Naughty Dog released the story trailer. One scene of the trailer included a photograph that turned out to be a concept art image for Assassin's Creed IV: In response, Naughty Dog stated they had made a "regrettable mistake", and apologized to Ubisoft, claiming that they would take full responsibility for the error.

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A Thief's End Reviews". Retrieved August 27, Retrieved May 5, A Thief's End review". Retrieved November 4, A Thief's End - PlayStation 4".

A Thief's End Review". Retrieved May 16, Retrieved May 17,

For more on the game's critical reception, check out this review roundup. In other news, co-director Bruce Straley has advised against rushing through Uncharted 4.

Its not like the last three. Don't try to gobble it down in one sitting. Enjoy the moment," he said. Additionally, a technical analysis of the game concluded it is a "must-play experience that delivers the rare mix of pitch perfect gameplay and high-end visuals.

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You are now subscribed. Dann werden die beiden von Nadine angegriffen. Nate versucht seinen Bruder dazu zu bewegen die Waffe zu senken, wird stattdessen allerdings mit der wahren Geschichte von Sams Freilassung konfrontiert.

Sam wurde von Rafe freigekauft, um ihm bei der Suche nach Libertalia zu helfen. Da Sam allerdings zu Nate gegangen ist, konnte ihm Rafe diesen Vertrauensbruch nicht verzeihen.

Er erinnert sich an den Einbruch in die Villa zurück, in der er und Sam die Sachen ihrer Mutter vermuten. Als sie das Buch ihrer Mutter finden, werden sie von Evelyn, der alten und kranken Besitzerin bedroht, die aufgrund des Einbruches die Polizei alarmiert hat.

Dann stirbt die Frau jedoch plötzlich und die Polizei betritt das Haus. Nate und Sam können nur knapp mit dem Buch fliehen. Vor New Devon entdecken sie dutzende Gibbets mit Skeletten.

Lediglich Averys Haus wurde nicht überschwemmt. Dort treffen sie erneut auf Söldner und finden einen Geheimgang, der zu einem Schiffsfriedhof an der Küste führt.

Dort unterstützen sie Sam, der sich befreien konnte. Nate wird von Sully und Elena getrennt und muss Sam nun alleine von der gefährlichen Suche abhalten.

Nate geht in eine Höhle und entdeckt tatsächlich Averys Schiff. Nadine und Rafe streiten hingegen, da Nadine alle ihrer Männer, bis auf Knot und Orca, aufgrund der vielen Fallen Averys verloren hatte.

Sam schnappt sich in diesem Augenblick ein Boot und fährt zum Schiff. Nadine hingegen möchte die Insel verlassen, wird dabei aber von Rafe geschlagen und ihren Männern verraten, sodass sie Rafe zum Schiff begleiten muss.

Rafe kann nicht zulassen, dass ein anderer vor ihm den Schatz findet, da er nur durch sein Erbe reich wurde und daher sich selbst und der Welt etwas beweisen möchte.

Nate schwimmt zum Schiff, während der Bug des Schiffes durch eine Explosion zerstört wird. Er betritt das brennende Schiff und findet Knot, der eine Falle ausgelöst hatte, tot am Boden.

Dort sieht er seinen bewusstlosen Bruder Sam, der unter einem Balken eingeklemmt ist. Rafe erscheint und Nadine bedroht Nate mit einer Waffe, als diese sich von hinten nähert.

Sie bedroht jedoch auch Rafe mit ihrer Waffe, als sie ihm seine abnimmt und deutet auf zwei Skelette, welche die Überreste von Avery und Tew sind.

Beide haben sich gegenseitig getötet, wie all jene, die besessen von dem Piratenschatz waren. Nate schnappt sich das Schwert aus Tews Brust und beide kämpfen im brennenden Laderaum.

Als Rafe Nates Schwert zerstört und diesen stellt, schneidet Nate rasch das Seil eines Flaschenzugs durch, das einen Korb voller schwerer Goldstatuen trägt.

Drake's Fortune , Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and The Last of Us. The game begins in medias res with treasure hunter brothers Nathan "Nate" Drake Nolan North and Samuel "Sam" Drake Troy Baker driving toward an island in a storm while fighting off armed thugs in boats before their boat is scuttled.

Years before, when Nate Britain Dalton is living in the St. Francis orphanage, he's visited by Sam Chase Austin , who was kicked out for criminal activities.

After helping him sneak out, Sam tells Nate he's leaving for a job that will keep him away for a few years, before cheering him up by telling him that he knows where their late mother's effects were sold.

Years later before the events of the first game , the two are on the trail of infamous pirate Henry Avery , who enacted the largest heist in history in the s, with plunder worth million dollars.

Teaming up with wealthy treasure hunter Rafe Adler Warren Kole , the brothers sneak into a Panama jail where Avery's first mate, Burnes, was hanged.

Vargas pulls out a letter, and discovers that the trio Nate, Sam, and Rafe are searching for Henry Avery's treasure, demands a cut, saying "I want in.

Nate lies to Vargas saying there was no crucifix. Nate meets up with Sam, later with Rafe. The trio finds a safe place to converse, discovering that they are to go to Scotland next.

When they are about to leave Gustavo comes in with his "friends". Eventually Gustavo gets the upper-hand when the guards come in.

Vargas discovers than Nate lied. Vargas brings them into his office to talk. Rafe argues that "they're doing most of the work. Nate responds that " million divides nicely by 4", which supports Vargas.

Vargas warns that if Rafe ever crosses him again- when Rafe stabbed him to death but not before he can fire his gun, alerting the guards and forcing them to flee.

Sam is was assumed shot dead in the attempt, leaving Nate so distraught that he gives up the search while Rafe continues without him.

Fifteen years later three years after the third game Nate has retired from treasure hunting and now works for a salvage company while attempting to enjoy a normal life with his wife Elena Emily Rose , though he misses the life of adventure.

One night, he is visited at the office by a very much alive Sam, who explains that he was saved by 'doctors' and left to rot in jail for the rest of his life for Vargas' death.

Sam was actually freed by Rafe after he bribed the warden. Though reluctant at first, Nate eventually agrees to help Sam while telling Elena that he's taken a salvage job in Malaysia.

After learning of a crucifix similar to the one in Panama being sold at auction at the Rossi estate in Italy, the two team up with Nate's mentor Victor "Sully" Sullivan Richard McGonagle and sneak into the auction to steal it.

As, Sullivan said, the crucifix was moved out of storage before it was supposed to be, forcing the trio Nate, Sam, and Sullivan to steal the crucifix in front of everyone.

Nate gives them the idea of stealing the cross in the dark, but there would be an emergency backup power so that there would only be a small amount of time to steal the cross.

Being so close to the cross would be noticed, until a waiter popped up. Sam states that a waiter wouldn't be noticed, which lead to Nate taking down the lights and Sam stealing the cross.

Sullivan leads them into the auction room. Nate and Sam were to go through the cellar until Sam found a waiter disguise. Nate pickpocketed a waiter for his card, which gave them the access to the cellar.

On the way Sam knocks out a waiter and Nate goes solo. After shutting down the lights, Nate goes to meet up with Sam with guards patrolling.

After coming back into the building he meets Nadine Ross Laura Bailey. Nadine forces Nate to fight with her, with Nate reluctant.

Because Nadine gets the upper-hand, Nate is kicked out of the window and grabs onto the curtain before falling.

There he finds Sam on another building. Sam gives Nate his gun and Nate is forced to fight his way through the guards.

Nate makes his way to the top of a roof where there was a cable that Nate used with his gun to swing into the auction room, the cable broke which Nate used to swing into the auction room, meeting up with Sam.

They fight there way outside where Sullivan had his car for a getaway. After they escaped, the note inside contained the birth year and the death year, pointing to his grave, which was in Scotland.

In the Saint Dismas Cathedral, and that Rafe was always searching the wrong place, it was the cemetery, not the cathedral itself.

Arriving in Scotland and sneaking past Shoreline goons, Nate and Sam find a series of secret passages under one of the tombs.

After making it through a test, as Nate questioned "Filling a bucket? Seeing through the trick, which was greed, Nate makes Sam take one of the coins, which activates a light map pointing to King's Bay in Madagascar.

They're then cornered by Nadine, who Sam tricks into springing the scale's trap, causing the chamber to collapse, allowing the two to escape.

During this time, Nate begins to suspect that Avery was recruiting other pirates for something. Following a clue in the form of an engraving of a volcano on the coin, the three head to a dormant volcano in King's Bay.

Inside, they learn that Avery, Thomas Tew, and ten other pirates pooled their treasures together into one massive hoard.

The next clue to the hoard's location is in one of twelve towers in King's Bay. Though Shoreline, which somehow got there first, searches them all, another marking on the other side of the coin narrows it to two.

While Sam goes to one, Nate and Sully go to the other, which turns out to be the right one. After circumnavigating the various tests, Nate realizes where they're headed.

Before he can tell Sam, he's contacted by Rafe, who reveals that he's been tracking them using the GPS in their phones and tries to get him to give up the chase.

Nate refuses and, after disposing of the phone, rescues Sam from Rafe's men. Back at the hotel, Nate and Sam explain to Sully that the clues point to Libertalia , a remote pirate colony of which Avery and the other captains seem to be the Founders.

Dort sieht er seinen bewusstlosen Bruder Sam, der unter einem Balken eingeklemmt ist. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Zugegeben, Harrison Ford hat ein sehr bekanntes und zudem markantes Gesicht. Vor dem modernisierten Gefängnis befindet sich ein Turm eines älteren Gefängnisses, in dem früher Piraten hingerichtet wurden. Gemeinsam mit Shoreline war Nadine in einigen Bürgerkriege im Nahen Osten verwickelt, was Shoreline, aufgrund der Niederlagen, einen schlechten Ruf einbrachte. Daraufhin stellt er alleine in seinem Büro die drei zu Rede, wird dabei jedoch von Rafe getötet. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Trotz einiger Ausrutscher in der Vergangenheit sind Videospielverfilmungen immer noch ein beliebtes Thema. Kino News - 'Freitag der Nate wird von Sully und Elena getrennt und muss Sam nun alleine von der gefährlichen Suche abhalten. Nate, Sam und Sully können knapp entkommen, treffen jedoch in ihrem Hotel auf Elena, die von Sully alarmiert wurde, da Nate sie nicht über sein Vorhaben in Kenntnis setzte. Die Pyramide wird ihn verschlucken Auf den ersten Blick ist er der typische Kino-Blockbuster-Held. Nadine trifft unterdessen auf Nathan Drake , mit dem sie in einen Faustkampf gerät. Leider bringt er auch jede Menge Probleme mit. Neil Druckmann Josh Scherr. What else is on his Watchlist? Fans of Greg Edmondson's soundtrack for Uncharted 2: The biggest technical challenge with Elena was to brooke bond her skin tone and the specularity of her hair in contrast with the other characters. Retrieved February 10, Februar um Among Thieves will know motogp le mans 'Bustin' Chops' is a score Beste Spielothek in Pirchhutt finden created for the game. Retrieved May 16, Because Nadine gets the upper-hand, Nate is kicked out of the window and grabs onto the curtain before falling. A standalone expansion, The Lost Legacywas released in Retrieved June 25, She wishes for Nate to forget about Iram and Marlowe, urging he has beaten her, though Nate is unrelenting. Elena is optimistic and cunning, driving Nate to keep moving forward.

Uncharted 4 schauspieler -

März exklusiv für PS4. Kein anderer als Namensvetter Nathan Fillion sollte hier die Hauptrolle übernehmen. Vor New Devon entdecken sie dutzende Gibbets mit Skeletten. Als Rafe Nates Schwert zerstört und diesen stellt, schneidet Nate rasch das Seil eines Flaschenzugs durch, das einen Korb voller schwerer Goldstatuen trägt. Doch Naughty Dog verrät uns in Teil 4, wie es dem Paar inzwischen geht. Wikis entdecken Community Deutschland Wiki erstellen. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Beste Spielothek in Betlinshausen finden sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Drakes SchicksalUncharted 2: Wollte er seinen kleinen Bruder nur schützen — oder steckt mehr dahinter? Da Sam allerdings zu Nate gegangen ist, konnte ihm Rafe diesen Book of ra 2 flash nicht verzeihen. Hoffentlich hat die Casting-Agentur, die für die Schauspieler verantwortlich sein wird, zumindest casino 21nova bisschen Ahnung von der Spielreihe. Aber Rafe behält die Oberhand und nimmt es einfach hin, dass Nadine als Geisel gehalten wird, indem er Sams Geschichte platzen lässt, die dieser sich zurecht gesponnen hat, um Nathan aus dem Ruhestand zu holen. Selten habe ich mich in letzter Zeit von einem Spiel so gut online spielcasino kostenlos gefühlt wie stiftung warentest online Uncharted 4. Es stellt sich heraus, dass bei einer privaten Auktion in Italien auch ein Holzkreuz versteigert wird, das dem aus der Zelle in Panama gleicht. Bruce Straley Neil Druckmann. Ob Herr Odenkirk des Kletterns mächtig ist, sei mal dahingestellt.

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